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Anglo Asia Renewables Fund

This fund seeks to provide investors with capital appreciation and stable income generation. We invest in both solar and wind projects in Australia that are shovel ready and we enhance the project value through our management and construction expertise.

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United Social Property Fund

The mission of the fund is to provide long term accommodation for people who are socially disadvantaged in Australia.

We will build warm accommodations where they are need the most. From regional areas to metropolitan surburbs. 

The fund will provide investors with attractive risk adjusted returns by building a diversified portfolio of social housing across Australia.

The fund will utilise the skills and relationships of the management team which possesses extensive property finance expertise and draws on the experience of its investment committee and its conservative and disciplined investment and risk management processes.


JOAH Charatible Foundation

In the process of establishing. This will be a not for profit charitable foundation setup for the purpose of addressing the causes as well as the symptoms of poverty and disadvantage.

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